We didn’t get to be the BIG FISH by ignoring the little guy.

Santa Monica Seafood has hundreds of boutique restaurant and retail clients who understand that their customers demand quality seafood that is safe, delicious, traceable, and locally-sourced whenever possible.

We have a LOT of seafood. Seriously… a REALLY big selection of seafood.

We have over 600 different seafood and shellfish products AVAILABLE DAILY. Yes, every day. We’re not talking about special orders. We’re talking about seafood that we can have at your door tomorrow.

We do NOT sell the lowest price seafood. Well, at least not EVERY time.

Quality isn’t cheap. We don’t claim to always have the lowest price. But we have the best VALUE when you consider taste, freshness, safety, and sustainability.

Seriously Committed to Seafood Sustainability.

When you’ve been doing something you love for 75 years, it makes you care about the future. As a result, we’ve led the way on many fronts: We were the first seafood distributor to enter into a formal partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium; working with them to apply their rankings to our inventory.


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