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RSVP Funds Fishery’s Sustainability Improvements

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Photo credit: ©Diego Perez/El Through our Responsible Sourcing Vendor Partner program (RSVP), Santa Monica Seafood has supported sustainability improvements in fisheries worldwide. The Peruvian Mahi Mahi fishery is considered one of the most important artisanal fisheries in Peru, providing a livelihood for over 4,000 fishermen. Peru is the largest producer of Mahi Mahi worldwide, with the US being the …


Santa Monica Seafood now has a Sushi division

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In July 2015, Santa Monica Seafood acquired Los Angeles Fish Co.  LA Fish targets the high-end, traditional sushi market in southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Mexico.  This includes both Japanese and Korean restaurants, as well as Grocers and Foodservice accounts offering Japanese sushi-quality seafood, Japanese produce and Japanese dry goods.  LA Fish, with strong supplier contacts in Japan, also now …