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Day Two of the 2011 International Boston Seafood Show

Posted by Santa Monica Admin, on March 22nd, 2011 in Announcements, Events, Selecting Seafood

The second day of the 2011 Boston Seafood show was even busier than the first! There are always a variety of breakfast meetings to attend before the show day officially begins.  Logan spent some time with a group working to form a coalition around issues of salmon farming in an effort to bring together different members of the aquaculture and fishing community. It’s something we can all benefit from and we’ll blog more about that specific project at a later date.

Back into the show to meet with suppliers – Boston is a great chance to sit down with some of the hard-working vendors that we source product from. These meetings are a chance to review how products are selling and to discuss opportunities for education of our sales staff and customers. Its also the place where our purchasing team learns about new products, some of which you’ll be seeing come spring.

Securing seafood for the coming months is at the top of the list, and Boston provides us with a face-to-face forum to do that in.

The many panel presentations that are offered during the show are a great place to learn from the experts (as well as a rest tired feet!) we sat in on a session titled “Educating the Educators” that brought a great group of industry experts together to talk about training techniques and ideas. Everyone agreed that a successful training program – whether its for your counter people or your waitstaff – is the key to selling more seafood. It’s a complicated subject and the general public is bombarded with a variety of mixed messages (most of them negative) about seafood. Sustainability, health, food safety – there are a lot of topics that need to be tackled. In addition to a standard training program several of the presenters repeated the need to add weekly, short educational moments to your schedule. Whether you put out a newsletter every Monday, or introduce a topic at your weekly sales meeting, make education part of the plan.

Nothing motivates your staff like the feeling they can handle any situation they find themselves in! Knowledge is power.

Out on the show floor there’s no shortage of delicious food available for sampling… International flavors abound – one can easily work their way around the world with bites of tasty seafood! We enjoyed tempura soft shell crabs, oysters on the half shell, all kinds of sushi, smoked fish (including velvety smoked sablefish, always a favorite), barramundi, crab cakes, grilled alligator, pickled herring – you name it, you can find it in Boston!

After the show wrapped up for the day we split up to cover a couple of receptions. The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute always puts on a great event featuring all the amazing seafood Alaska has to offer. We also checked in at the 2nd annual Tweet-up where we hung out with social media master Jason Simas – you can check out what he does on Twitter by following @iPura – he’s also got a great contest going for bloggers if you’re looking for more perspectives on this year’s show.

Two great show days down, one more to go!

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