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Google’s Search for Sustainable Seafood

Posted by Santa Monica Admin, on August 18th, 2011 in Announcements

We spend a fair amount of time on Google, keeping up with the latest in fisheries issues, or looking up obscure seafood recipes, so we’re glad to read that Google themselves are doing some great things in their seafood buying practices.

Over on the Google blog, their Executive Chef, Liv Wu, writes about her love of the sea and her decision to pursue only sustainable seafood. Although we applaud her efforts, we do want to point out that her comment about fishermen “selling to wholesalers at a very low profit meaning their livelihoods are no longer sustained by their catch” paints us in a bit of an underserved bad light – we make every effort to pay fishermen fairly for their products, whether they are farmed or wild caught and we’re glad to have a chance to support the seafood industry. We know many of the people that catch or farm the fish and shellfish that we sell and we are deeply invested in helping them succeed financially.

Without wholesalers, the entire chain of custody becomes very difficult. Imagine, as a chef, trying to source the seafood on your menu on your own. Endless phone calls, haggling over price, tracking shipments – we take care of that for you! Along with research into where your seafood comes from, how it’s caught, and other issues that we verify with site visits. As your wholesaler of choice, we play an important role in the way your seafood gets from the water to your kitchen.

But back to Google… we think their approach to sourcing deserves a round of applause – and we must admit we’re envious of those lucky employees that get to eat such delicious, fresh seafood! We’ll be thinking about Dungeness crab cakes the next time we go to look up “weight of world’s largest lobster”.

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