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The Fish, The Whole Fish and Nothing but the Fish

Posted by Santa Monica Admin, on August 22nd, 2012 in Seafood Education, Selecting Seafood

The team over at Chef’s Collaborative put together a fun challenge for the month of July; they asked chefs across the country to pick one fish on their menu and bring it in whole. The challenge generated a selection of wonderful ideas for those of you looking to feature whole fish. We have a wide variety of whole fish options – Salmon, Trout, Arctic Char, Striped Bass, Sea Bream, Snappers… you name it, we probably have it (or can special order it for you).

Over on the Chef Collaborative website, Chef Rich Garcia of the restaurant 606 Congress talks about how he utilizes a whole striped bass in the restaurant;

  • Fillets are cut into 6 oz. portions used for dinner, with smaller pieces worked into lunch items like fish cakes or amuse
  • Meat remaining on the bones is scraped off and used in dishes like tartare or ceviche.
  • Head and bones are turned in a fumet or even used in a unique recipe for fish head cheese!

There are plenty of other unique and inspiring ideas on the website – smoked swordfish rib bones, trimmings used in dumplings, charred collars… don’t forget to check out the comments section, there are a lot more ideas included there as well!

A Note From Chef Paddy

Our own Chef Paddy also wants to remind you of the economic benefits of using whole fish; “These are great suggestions for not just keeping things creative, but also for reducing your food cost. Protein prices (chicken, beef, por) are continuing to climb due to the cost of corn for feed – you’re going to need to keep being inventive to keep menu costs down and total utilization of whole fish is a great way to to that.”

Check in with your Santa Monica Seafood Representative and get the low down on our huge list of whole fish options – and let us know what you’re featuring on your menu or any other tips on working with whole fish that you’d like to share!

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