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Locally Raised California White Sea Bass Now Available

Posted by Santa Monica Admin, on December 17th, 2012 in Announcements, Product Alerts, Selecting Seafood, Specials, Sustainability

Our first shipment of Farmed California White Sea Bass from Pacifico Aquaculture will be available this week!

Although California White Sea Bass is one of our favorite fish and sells on it’s culinary merits alone, this is a product that comes with a pretty amazing backstory and is the result of a very unique partnership.

Thanks to the team at the Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute (HSWRI), the White Sea Bass that we will be carrying are the result of on-going aquaculture research aimed at producing an affordable and sustainable seafood option. The aquaculture experts at HSWRI have put a ton of energy into working on a variety of issues including sourcing and care of broodstock, fingerling production and optimization of ingredients used in feed.

But that’s just the beginning! HSWRI starts the process by providing a steady supply of carefully raised fingerlings. Those fish are then handed off to the team at Pacifico to raise to market size (in our case, about 1.5 lbs.).

Located in a naturally perfect setting, Pacifico’s farms off Ensenada provide a healthy environment for these fish to thrive in. Since White Sea Bass are a local and native species, they are right at home here. A submarine canyon located near the farms means a constant source of fresh, moving water. Additionally, the farm is so close to our processing facility in Rancho Dominguez these fish are, according to our Vice President of Purchasing and Sustainability Logan Kock, “absolutely the freshest fresh fish you could have!”

The research both Pacifico and HSWRI have been doing with feed is also paying off. The goal is to continually improve their diet – and that means moving away from fishmeal towards a more sustainable option like protein derived from soy beans or other plants. White Sea Bass are naturally efficient, and with ongoing research Pacifico boasts a 1.4:1 to 1.6:1 feed conversion ratio with their fish.

This amazing video tells the entire story – if you’re planning to feature this fish on your menu we’d recommend your whole staff watches it!

The mission statement of HSWRI is, “To return to the sea some measure of the benefits derived from it.” This farm raised California Sea Bass is a delicious way to make that statement come true. Whole fish are averaging 19 – 22 oz, fillets from 8 to 10 oz. Early responses to the fish from some local chefs are extremely positive!

Contact your Santa Monica Seafood sales representative today to try some of this amazing fish. We’re expecting our first shipment on December 19th; we’re sure it will sell out so please call now if you are interested!

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