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FishReef Project Progressing Swimmingly!

Posted by Santa Monica Admin, on December 20th, 2012 in Announcements, Sustainability

We have received word that RSVP fund recipients Fish Reef are successfully moving along with their project!

The Fish Reef Project’s “reef balls” are halo concrete dome structures with holes for fish and invertebrates to colonize. The surface of the domes is porous which allows kelp and invertebrates to attach and begin growing. The two pilot reef balls that they have deployed so far have kelp holdfasts attached and the leaves are growing out nicely. Barnacles have taken over, creatures are moving into their new home, and the reef is coming to life! The Fish Reef team has created a short video documenting the early growth – check it out!

Fish Reef lead science advisor Dr. Bud Abbot is continuing his hard work acquiring permits from the state of CA and various agencies to install the first five-acre reefs off of Malibu and Santa Barbara. Chris Goldblatt tells us: “the reef sites we have picked are cherry and will hold truly great reef ecosystems-I look forward to taking you diving on both of them.”

We look forward to it! California needs new reefs, and we hope that these two projects move forward and join the 500,000 reef balls that live in 70 other countries world-wide.

One Response to “FishReef Project Progressing Swimmingly!”

  1. Patrick Glennon says:

    This is great news to celebrate!!! These Reef Balls will help rejuvinate areas and help revive eco systems negatively affected from things such as polution and poor fish practices from years ago when the marine science was just not there yet. kudo’s to Santa Monica Seafood for supporting this effort through their RSVP program. Right On!!!

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