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Lobster Market Update

Posted by Santa Monica Admin, on March 1st, 2013 in Announcements, Product Alerts, Selecting Seafood

It’s been a tough month for lobster lovers, for a number of reasons…

Typical winter weather (think strong winds and snow storms) keeps boats in the harbor so there has not been a lot of fishing for the last month or so.  The water temperature is also low, so even if boats could get out, their catch would be limited…  Lobsters tend to dig in and not move when the water gets cold – they’ll wait for a warming period before heading out again (who can blame them!)

Meanwhile, any lobsterman that was holding lobsters, waiting for prices to go up has now most likely sold them; even the dealers and wholesalers have moved the majority of their winter inventory.  What’s left are weaker lobsters that generally don’t meet our quality standards.

And that’s the good news. The bad news is it’s not going to get better for another month, at least.  One supplier told us “it’s going to be more of who has any lobsters, not about price.”

Please talk this over with your Sales Representative.  We don’t want increased prices to come as a surprise to anyone, and we also want you to be prepared for shortages. We have some options available to help tide you over, and your Rep can help you decide what works best for your situation.

Meanwhile, think spring!

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