Chef Lisa Dahl

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Restaurateur and chef, Lisa Dahl creates restaurant experiences in which guests feel a little bit of magic, have a unique sensory experience and feel welcomed as if they are coming home. It is her “pledge as a local chef to always have [her] own standards when reaching for excellence in providing food, wine and service.” Each one of her award-winning …


Chef Jared Hills

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Jared Hills got his first taste of hospitality as many great chefs do – in the steaming hot trenches of a dish pit.  Thirsty for knowledge, Hills began to cultivate his culinary skills in gourmet kitchens of Telluride, Colorado, catering to the tastes of the ultra-rich and famous. By the age of 23, Hills had ventured to Texas to become …

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Chef Greg Frey Jr.

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Chef Greg Frey Jr. has always loved to cook but says being a chef was never really something he thought about as a child. However, his family is quick to remind him that early on his world was already revolving around food.  “My family use to travel to Italy often when I was a kid and I couldn’t wait each …


Santa Monica Seafood now has a Sushi division

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In July 2015, Santa Monica Seafood acquired Los Angeles Fish Co.  LA Fish targets the high-end, traditional sushi market in southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Mexico.  This includes both Japanese and Korean restaurants, as well as Grocers and Foodservice accounts offering Japanese sushi-quality seafood, Japanese produce and Japanese dry goods.  LA Fish, with strong supplier contacts in Japan, also now …


RSVP Update

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We created our Responsible Sourcing Vendor Partner (RSVP) program to collectively apply a percentage of our purchases towards projects we strongly believe in as a company. Our RSVP program has had a busy year so far! Here are some key updates from a few efforts we support in gear improvement, marine education, fisheries improvement projects, community engagement and more! We provided …


Chef Jeremy Tummel

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A native of Southern California, Chef Jeremy Tummel grew up fishing since he was just a young boy.  “I’ve been fishing my entire life, it’s my favorite hobby and one that I am pretty good at!  I have realized that it’s the little things that make for great memories though, scouring the tide pools for periwinkles, gooseneck barnacles, seaweeds and …


Chef Susan Feniger

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From the new ceviche bar at Border Grill in The Forum Shops at Caesars in Las Vegas to the signature Pescado Veracruzano at the iconic location in Santa Monica, you can tell just by looking at the menus that Chef Susan Feniger has a thing for seafood. We weren’t surprised to learn Chef Feniger’s appreciation for fresh seafood started in …

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2015 SeaWeb Seafood Summit – In Search of Solutions

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The 2015 annual SeaWeb Sustainable Seafood Summit kicked off on February 9 in New Orleans. This yearly event brings a wide variety of people together to discuss the various issues that impact seafood, both farmed and wild.  Our Vice President of Strategic Purchasing and Responsible Sourcing Logan Kock and our Marketing Manager Mary Smith both attended the event. This year’s …

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Celebrate National Clam Chowder Day

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So, Thursday is National Clam Chowder Day. How are you celebrating? We’ve got a tureen full of chowder ideas for you – let no bowl go empty! Keep your Chowder Classic Are you a fan of the creamy New England Style or do you go for a tomato-based Manhattan version? Either way, a classic clam chowder is a great way …


Enjoy Seafood Year Round

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We thought we’d share this great collection of seafood focused food holidays that our friends over at Seafood International put together. You can grab the whole list here, or keep reading for a few of our favorites. Start the year with soup! That’s right, January 21 is National Clam Chowder Day.  We love clam chowder, and its a best seller …