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Chilean Merluza

merluccius Australis


Characteristics: Chilean Merluza, already popular in Europe, has beautiful white meat, a rich, firm texture and a very delicate taste. Harvested in the Antarctic waters of the Southern Cone, this fish is a prized eating fish, just now gaining popularity in the United States.

Alternatives include; cod, black cod, haddock, sea bass

For Your Menu

Enjoy this tasty fish much as you would any firm white fish.  Traditionally, Spanish and Basque cuisines feature Chilean Merluza in a variety of styles - take a nod from these culinary traditions and explore some of their regional flavors!

For Your Wait Staff

Chilean Merluza is a great fish for less adventurous palates - it’s mild and delicious!

Sustainability Rating:



Chilean Merluza is also known as Southern Hake


Chilean Merluza is a member of the same family as cod and haddock.


Available year-round




Wild-caught; longline

Product Sold As:

  • HAK105  Hake (Merluza) Fillet, skin on



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