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European Seabass (Loup de Mer)

Dicentrarchus labrax


European Seabass is a wonderful fish with an exquisitely sweet and mild flavor. With pure white flesh and a flaky texture, this farm raised beauty is a favorite of chefs around the world. Perfect for a variety of whole fish preparations, European Seabass also yields delicate fillets that are wonderful in a variety of preparations.

Alternatives include farmed striped bass, black bass or smaller snappers.

For Your Menu

Try serving this little gem whole - stuffed with fresh herbs, baked in a salt crust or any way you can imagine.  Whether you follow the French who call it Loup de Mer, or add an Italian twist and call it Branzino, this great fish has consistent availability and should find a place on your menu.

For Your Wait Staff

You customers will love the affordability and elegance of this fish - it's easy to eat even when served whole, with delicate white meat that flakes easily off the bone. Delicious!

European Seabass

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European Sea Bass


This smallish farm raised sea bass goes under a couple of aliases... Loup de Mer, branzino, branzini, wolf of the sea.


Available year-round





Product Sold As:

  • LOU105 whole 14/22 oz 
  • LOU108 fillet skin on 
  • LOU109 fillet skin off 
  • LOU105F SMS cut 
  • LOU107 G,G & S 
  • LOU106 Whole 22/28 oz 
  • LOU113 fillet skin on 
  • LOU116 fillet skin off
  • LOU106C pocket cut 
  • LOU117 G,G & S 
  • LOU112 whole 28/36 oz 
  • LOU112F SMS cut
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