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Mexican Crab Meat

callinectes bellicosus


This Wild caught, fresh blue crab meat is cooked and hand picked so it’s ready for you to use. It’s fresh and 100% natural with no preservatives. It has a delicate, sweet taste and comes in a variety of styles for many applications.

Alternatives include dungeness crab meat or blue crab meat

For Your Menu

Since our Crabmeat comes in cooked it’s ready to use in so many recipes - bisques, chowders, salads, pasta dishes.  Try it seasoned and stuffed inside a rainbow trout or in your own delicious version of crab cakes!

For Your Wait Staff

Sweet and delicious, customers will love this local crabmeat no matter how the chef prepares it!

swimming crab meat (blue)

Sustainability Rating:



Swimmer crabs from the Gulf of California (Mexico)


Fresh, picked crabmeat, ready to use!


Available year-round




Wild Caught

Product Sold As:

  • CRA120  Crab, regular, lump, fresh
  • CRA125  Crab, meat, jumbo, fresh
  • CRA124  Crab, meat, claw, fresh
  • CRA149  Crab, meat, claw & fingers, fresh
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