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First in Food Safety


FSSC 2200 Certification

Santa Monica Seafood is the first and only seafood company in the United States to achieve the internationally recognized FSSC 22000 and ISO 14001 certifications.

ISO 14001 recognizes that standards throughout our entire operation help continually reduce our environmental impact and FSSC 22000 certifies that our food safety practices are the strongest in the industry.

FSSC 22000 certification guarantees you are buying from a company with the best food manufacturing systems in the world and that our products consistently meet all quality, safety and labeling requirements. It shows that we have greater traceability of our products, and that our systems and processes are independently verified against recognized standards of excellence. We are committed to being the most trusted source of seafood in the industry and we supports that commitment through the use of the established FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management system, which builds a culture of food safety into everyday activities, service and communication.

Total Quality Management

Seafood processingOur entire process, from procuring the seafood to delivering the product, is focused on what we refer to as “Total Quality Management”. Our people, our processes, our services and our equipment are all necessary elements of our high service and safety standards.

Everything starts with our state-of-the-art production facility. Located strategically close to all the major traffic arteries of Los Angeles, the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport, our plant has been designed and built to exceed all federal standards and regulations. The building is divided into seven separate temperature zones so all of our products are received and stored in appropriately climate-controlled conditions. Our plant is regularly inspected by five separate governmental agencies, as well as two independent programs. Our HACCP certification, location, and around-the-clock production schedule are designed to enable us to receive, process, and deliver our products in 20 hours or less.

Total Quality Management and the principle of continuous improvement are the grounds for all of Santa Monica Seafood’s quality and safety programs. All product is inspected upon receipt to make sure it has been properly stored and handled. All documentation, including country of origin information, chain of custody and quality assurance, is required in order for the product to be accepted. Checks and balances in our purchasing, receiving and production departments are designed to ensure that only the freshest seafood enters and leaves our warehouse. We work on a cascading process Quality Assurance principle. That is to say that all of our food product, workmanship and level of service are checked by each successive employee from the receiver to the delivery driver.

Temperature Controlled PortioningAll of our fish is processed in a temperature-controlled environment that never reaches above 38°F. Our cutters and their supervisors are among the most experienced, highly trained workers in the seafood industry. All of our production and packaging are handled in a time-efficient and stringently hygienic manner. All of our processors are overseen by on-site supervision and remote video monitoring. At no point does our seafood leave this environmentally-controlled environment.

All equipment and areas used in the processing of food items are cleaned following the most rigorous HACCP protocols in the industry. Employee shifts are scheduled and capped with the goal of decreasing workplace stress and fatigue, thereby lessening the likelihood of workplace accidents. Most critical to our programs is the selection, training and retention of our people. Our purchasing department has almost 100 years of collective seafood purchasing experience. Our receivers and production personnel each average eight years with the company. Our regular plant inspections, safety meetings, QA staff and credentialed training programs internalizes our safety standards and concerns in a consistent manner in each and every employee. Exceptional product and service standards have been the Cigliano family’s goal for four generations.

There is no food operation concerned with product quality and safety more than Santa Monica Seafood. In order for us to provide the best seafood experience possible for our customers, it is necessary for us to keep our standards as high as possible. Our quality is a source of pride and the backbone of our business model.

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