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Services - We Are A Full Service Fresh and Frozen Seafood Processor

Seafood ProcessingSanta Monica Seafood is a full-service fresh and frozen seafood processor and distributor. We deliver six days a week in refrigerated trucks to most areas and have the capability to respond to virtually any situation. We offer a wide range of services and have well-trained sales and customer service staff available to handle all your seafood needs in Southern California, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Whatever your specifications are for seafood, let us handle them. Our purchasing power allows us to secure inventory when, at times, our competitors cannot. We also have the ability to source and secure specific brands and sizes to ensure a consistent supply line while a customer’s menu is in effect.  We offer scaling, gutting, filleting, portion-control and specialty cuts *. In addition to cutting fish, we are also licensed and able to deliver fresh/live shellfish - lobsters, crabs, oysters and clams.

In addition to our foodservice capabilities we employ a full staff of sales and customer service professionals who are available to help with menu planning, order scheduling, par maintenance (we can provide you with detailed historical reports) and staff education. Additionally, our two retail locations, in Santa Monica and Costa Mesa, are open seven days a week and can help out in a pinch when necessary.

If you are unsure of what you need to order or are unsure whether we offer the services you are looking for, please contact your Account Manager (click here to contact your Account Manager by email) or please contact our customer service department by dialing 800-969-8862.

* For portion/specialty cut orders please call in by noon the day prior to delivery.

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