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Weekly Market Report | March 29th, 2017

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National Clam on the Half Shell Day is this Friday (March 31st) and supplies are looking good for all sizes and varieties of whole shell clams.  Albacore supplies are very limited due to extreme weather systems in the Pacific. We’ve got small amounts here, with more coming in throughout the weekend, but it may be time to speak with your …

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Chef Mourad Jamal

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Born and raised in Oujda, Morocco, Chef Mourad Jamal grew up with a love for fresh seafood and the desire to share it with others. At 12 years old he was cooking dinner for the family, and by age 15 he was working in restaurants, eventually attending culinary school. Growing up, “Sardines were the common, affordable fish” that Jamal favored. …


Santa Monica Seafood now has a Sushi division

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In July 2015, Santa Monica Seafood acquired Los Angeles Fish Co.  LA Fish targets the high-end, traditional sushi market in southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Mexico.  This includes both Japanese and Korean restaurants, as well as Grocers and Foodservice accounts offering Japanese sushi-quality seafood, Japanese produce and Japanese dry goods.  LA Fish, with strong supplier contacts in Japan, also now …


Chef Lisa Dahl

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Restaurateur and chef, Lisa Dahl creates restaurant experiences in which guests feel a little bit of magic, have a unique sensory experience and feel welcomed as if they are coming home. It is her “pledge as a local chef to always have [her] own standards when reaching for excellence in providing food, wine and service.” Each one of her award-winning …


Chef Jesse Hansen

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Drawn to the kitchen from a young age, Chef Jesse Hansen’s early passion for cooking propelled him forward in the culinary arts. His mother recognized and nurtured his talent; she was “an excellent home cook, showing me how to prepare fresh vegetable dishes,” says Chef Hansen. “Every year she would take me out for a special birthday lunch, and when …

Chef Thomas Bellec

Chef Thomas Bellec

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Chef Thomas Bellec began cooking at a young age, inspired by his grandparents who ran a renowned bakery in Brittany, France. After apprenticing in his home town of Concarneau, he started an extraordinary, international culinary career. Having a father who was a professional fisherman, Bellec was raised on seafood and out fishing on a weekly basis. “If not with a rod, …


Chef Steve Stawinski

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Chef Steve Stawinski’s love of cooking came at a young age, he would help out in the family kitchen with tasks like breading fish or whisking eggs. Raised in New Jersey and Massachusetts, his family gatherings always centered around a big meal, anything from a backyard barbeque with Jersey corn and baked beans, to roast chicken or duck with the …


Chef Jared Hills

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Jared Hills got his first taste of hospitality as many great chefs do – in the steaming hot trenches of a dish pit.  Thirsty for knowledge, Hills began to cultivate his culinary skills in gourmet kitchens of Telluride, Colorado, catering to the tastes of the ultra-rich and famous. By the age of 23, Hills had ventured to Texas to become …

Chef Adrian Vela of Napa Valley Grille

Chef Adrian Vela

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Adrian Vela brings a commitment to quality, imagination and passion to his role as Executive Chef of Westwood staple Napa Valley Grille. With a diverse culinary background thanks to positions in some of the country’s leading kitchens, Vela has collected expert techniques and insights from top talents including Bradley Ogden, Joel Robuchon and Charlie Palmer. Most recently, he served as …