Weekly Market Report | February 16th, 2017

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Norwegian Cod is on special for weekend sales!

Because Skrei Cod has begun a long migration, it’s flesh is exceptionally firm, white and luxurious. The fish also must meet strict quality criteria to be called “Skrei”. Rest assured this is some of the best Cod you will ever taste!


Plenty of fresh whole cooked Dungeness Crabs

With a sweet crab flavor and firm meat, Dungeness crabmeat should definitely find its way into your kitchen. Customers love to pull the whole cooked crabs apart and get at the meat themselves! Nothing brings people together quite like eating with your hands.


Opah is in good shape

Opah is a rich, full flavored fish that is great on the grill due to its healthy oil content. Its flesh cooks up white and is deliciously moist.



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