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Weekly Market Report | March 29th, 2017

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National Clam on the Half Shell Day is this Friday (March 31st) and supplies are looking good for all sizes and varieties of whole shell clams.  Albacore supplies are very limited due to extreme weather systems in the Pacific. We’ve got small amounts here, with more coming in throughout the weekend, but it may be time to speak with your Sales rep about alternatives. We do stock several high quality frozen options that might work even better than fresh for some applications. Local California and Mexican Halibut catches are booming, offering a superb alternative to more expensive Pacific Halibut and a potential stop gap for tough-to-find fresh Sablefish.


  • Shortfin Corvina will be plentiful for this weekend, check with your rep for availability.
  • California Sablefish is very limited for the time being and we’re receiving a very small amount of product from Oregon for Friday’s sales. Weather has been rough all the way up to Alaska, severely limiting catches.
  • Our main source for local-caught bottomfish is retiring from the business so we are fishing for new suppliers of California Soles and Rockfish.
  • Yellowtail will be in for Friday sales but still remains limited due to the same weather patterns affecting other West Coast fisheries.
  • Spot Prawn and Uni supplies remain limited, as well, due to weather.
    We may not receive any additional deliveries for the weekend.


  • Ling Cod and Alaskan Cod are in house as alternatives to Rockfish. Weather is again the culprit as we are receiving product but not at anywhere near our normal levels.

lingcodLING COD – Ling Cod has lean meat that turns white when cooked, with a firm, almost dense texture. It has a deliciously mild, slightly sweet flavor.


  • Petrale Sole and Dover Sole from the Pacific Northwest are looking strong for the weekend.


  • We’re getting Mahi from several different areas so we are starting to see better availability for the rest of this week.
  • Weather issues have limited Wahoo (Ono) catches.
  • Opah is looking good for tomorrow but may tighten up for the weekend.

opahOPAH – Opah is a rich, full flavored fish that is great on the grill due to its healthy oil content. Its flesh cooks up white and is deliciously moist.


  • Fresh Chilean Seabass is available for those seeking a high-end weekend special.


Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws are due in for Friday sales. We are expecting a small shipment of Large (3/5 count) claws. Let us know ASAP if you are looking to wow your customers with this prized crustacean.

Lobster prices are remaining high with catches way down due to low water temperatures. The lobsters are not actively looking for food right now so it is harder for fishermen to land them.

Slowly but surely Scallop supplies are improving on the East Coast.


Our last delivery of Salt Spring Mussels for a while will be on April 17th.
The mussels are starting their spawn which results in poor meat-fill and increased gaping. Production of Mediterranean Mussels has picked up in the meantime so we should be well covered.

Capital Oysters (West Coast) and Malpeque Oysters (East Coast) are in great shape for the weekend!


Contact your Santa Monica Seafood Representative and place your orders today!

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