FDA Conducts DNA Testing on Commonly Mislabeled Fish

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We’ve been keeping a balanced conversation about seafood fraud alive here on the Blog, and recently worked to stop the State of California from implementing new seafood labeling laws – not because we don’t think seafood fraud is a problem, but because we think it’s a problem best handled by implementing laws that already exist. However, all the negative press about …

Seafood: Scallop

Are you Serving up a Buzz with Seasonal Seafood?

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Because of wild seafood’s often seasonal nature, it lends itself well to “limited time offerings” which research is showing can provide that certain “buzz” that your customers are looking for. According to an article from The SmartBlog on Food and Beverage, “…limited time offerings, or LTOs, are nothing new in the restaurant industry, with brands marketing the limited availability or …


News from the WWF Peruvian Mahi Mahi FIP

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We just received some detailed updates from the WWF Peruvian Mahi Fishery Improvement Project (FIP), one of our RSVP funding recipients. Here’s a summary of some of the great progress they’ve made recently: Signing of Addendum No. 01 to IMARPE Convention with WWF In July, Addendum No.01 to the Specific Agreement on Technical Cooperation was signed between WWF and the Instituto del Mar del Peru (IMARPE) with the aim of transferring funds to develop activities that strengthen biological information gathering with an emphasis on the …


Frazier Farms Market Owner Nick Frazier

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We’re switching things up a little this month and featuring a customer who is not a chef – well, not technically at least, but Nick Frazier would be the first to tell you that it’s cooking, and good cooking, that drives him (at work and at home). As the third generation owner of Frazier Farms Markets, Nick lets the pursuit …