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Tasmania is known for its unspoiled wilderness and remarkable beauty. But what you may not know is that the island’s remote nature combines with Southern Ocean swells and whipping winds at Cape Grim to produce the purest air and rain on earth. The cape’s abundant precipitation also produces rich pastures overseen by ranchers committed to sustainable, ethical practices.

The result? A superior source of tender, marbled, premium-grade beef from cattle that have never ever been fed hormones, antibiotics or GMOs—just pure air, clean water and pristine pasture. As American consumers increasingly demand healthy alternatives, Cape Grim Beef is a brand every foodservice professional should know.

High Standards Results in Superior Beef Quality and Grades

•  Humanely and Sustainably Grown
•  Grass Fed
•  GMO Free (Non-GMO Project Verified)
•  Never Ever Certified
•  Antibiotic Free
•  Hormone Free
•  Free Range
•  From British breed cattle only
•  Naturally marbled for maximum juiciness and flavor
•  USDA Process Verified



An area unlike any other on earth.

In Tasmania’s northwest corner, specifically 40° 41’ south, world-famous  Roaring Forties winds whip away any trace of pollution as they blow across the Southern Ocean. Combined with low levels of development and its sheer distance from other land landmasses, Cape Grim’s air quality is pretty unique—and the local baseline air pollution station readings prove it.

While the average cubic centimeter of air contains 5000 to 500,000 particles, Cape Grim’s air boasts a meager 10 to 600 particles, making it the purest air on earth. The site of one of 25 air pollution stations on earth, Cape Grim stands as the world’s benchmark for air quality as determined by global scientific study.

With lungs full of clean air and bellies filled with the region’s superior pasture, Cape Grim’s British breeds of cattle have earned their reputation for producing premium-grade beef, sought after by butchers and chefs who have built their careers on choosing the best products and letting quality speak for itself.

Cape Grim Beef is entirely grass-fed and guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full flavored compared to other beef. Better yet, as required by Tasmanian law, it is completely free of hormone growth promotants.

Cape Grim-grazing

Cattlemen dedicated to quality and a promise of “never ever”.

Greenham Tasmania, the visionaries behind Cape Grim Beef, was the first Tasmanian exporter to institute a “Never Ever” program with its ranchers. The foundation of this program is that additives like hormone growth promotants, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and antibiotics will never ever be permitted in the raising of our cattle.

Tasmania provides the perfect conditions for Never Ever cattle. Ranches here are generally small and run by families who care for their animals with the highest standards. This makes it possible for Cape Grim Beef to source cattle from a select group of close to 500 Never Ever ranches, mostly based in the North West of Tasmania.

Further, ranchers are selected on cattle breeding and genetic pointers that deliver the most consistent eating quality. Their farms are located in the highest rainfall areas of Tasmania, producing the lushest, most consistent fodder available. Between our dedication to sustainability and one of the world’s most comprehensive traceability systems, every cut of Cape Grim beef can be traced back to the rancher who produced it and the lands that nourished it. The presence of Cape Grim signs on farm gates throughout
Tasmania reflects the pride our ranchers have in producing a superior brand of beef.

Enviable traceability processes ensure continued beef safety.

Throughout Australia and Tasmania, each head of cattle is tagged with an electronic whole-life National Livestock Identity System (NLIS) code. This code enables every transaction regarding an individual animal to be recorded and transmitted via radio frequency to a central database. This code travels with them from its ranch of origin through saleyard, processing, export and final sale.

Australia’s animal health status is arguably one of the highest in the world. The Australian Beef industry is recognized as being free of all major epidemic diseases of cattle including Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and is one of the few in the world to be declared a “Negligible Risk” country of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) by the World Organization for Animal Health Industry.  The Australian government and red meat industry continue to zealously guard our enviable status, with programs that have been in place for decades to maintain our superior standing.

High standards result in superior beef quality and grades.

Historically, international beef grading systems have focused only on a production bias with no accountability or input from consumers. But this approach can lead to inconsistent eating experiences. Meat Standards Australia (MSA) takes a different approach—one designed to take the guesswork out of buying and cooking Australian red meat.

Based on millions of dollars in research, MSA’s program can accurately predict cooked beef outcomes as assessed by consumers, and manage the factors contributing to those quality standards at ranches throughout the nation. The program considers factors that impact eating quality including:

•  Age and breed of the cattle
•  Quality of pasture
•  Type of feed
•  Animal handling
•  Processing conditions
•  Type of cut and cooking techniques

Tasmania’s Never Ever ranchers are required to meet stringent  quality and processing standards set by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and supply cattle exclusively to Greenham.

Cape Grim standards meet and surpass some of the world’s finest.

Australian national standards are among the world’s most stringent. Cape Grim’s Never Ever pasture-raised, grass-fed beef meets and, at times, surpasses those standards by meeting the terms of our own, which include:

  1. Cape Grim cattle are born and raised on ranches within the ‘Cape Grim’ Producer Group.
  2. These cattle have been individually identified at birth and the individual identity has been maintained throughout the animal’s life. Cattle are identified by an National Livestock Identity System (NLIS) ear tag.
  3. The diet of these cattle throughout their lifespan, with the exception of milk (or milk replacer) consumed prior to weaning, is derived solely (100%) from forage consisting of grass (annual and perennial), forbs such as legumes and brassica, browse, or cereal grain crops in the vegetative i.e. pre grain state.
  4. Cattle are not fed or finished on grain or grain by-products.
  5. Cattle are kept on, or have access to, pasture or range primarily covered in vegetative matter such as grasses, forbs etc.
  6. Cattle are only fed the following to supplement grazing, or during the non-growing season:
    * Hay
    * Haylage
    * Baleage
    * Silage
    * Crop residue without grain
  7. Cattle have never been administered antibiotics at any time  in their life. Any cows in gestation or with calves at foot which have to be treated with antibiotics, both the calf and the cow have to be excluded from the program.
  8. Cattle have no added hormones/HGP (Hormonal Growth Promotants)
  9. Cattle have never been confined to a feedlot.
  10. Cattle have been vegetarian feed for whole of life.
  11. Property must be capable of demonstrating isolation and trace back of animals deemed not suitable for this program. E.g. injured animal where antibiotic was used needs to be identified by the use of a red ear tag and recorded in the treatments record book.

Cape Grim standards meet and A brand built on six generations of family tradition.

The Cape Grim brand is owned by Greenham Tasmania, part of a sixth-generation meat processing business that began life in the 1860’s as HW Greenham & Sons. For a time Greenham operated the Melbourne City Abattoirs. They took over the Smithton abattoir in 2001 and soon realized the quality of beef in Tasmania, particularly the North-West, was exceptional. They saw before them a special opportunity to build a brand of the highest quality.

Leveraging the combination of a visionary beef processor, passionate cattle farmers and an ideal climate, Cape Grim Beef was launched in 2007. Since then, the brand has grown to include established loyal customers throughout Australia and internationally in Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Nepal, South Africa, Seychelles, USA and the Maldives.

Greenham’s work with the Cape Grim brand is credited with developing Never Ever standards in Australia, reviving cattle farming in the Tasmanian northwest and providing a year-round option to ranchers throughout Tasmania, King Island and Flinders Island.

Conditions perfectly aligned to producing world-class beef.

From the world’s purest air and rain to sustainable practices, lush pasturelands and impeccable quality standards, Cape Grim Beef brings all the elements together for the flavorful, free-range, additive-free beef the world’s consumers are increasingly demanding. Give your customers access to beef raised to the highest standards by supplying Cape Grim beef.

Boneless Beef Ribeye
Item Code: BEE1120
Pack Size: 2/10# AVG
Ribeye Steaks are the “chefs” favorite steak. Lots of flavor and marbling. The whole Ribeye is used when making Prime Rib.

  • outside skirt2
  • outside skirt1

Outside Skirt
Item Code: BEE1130
Pack Size: 16/1.6# AVG
Outside Skirt Steaks are a longtime favorite in Latin American cooking. You get a lot of flavor and value for the money.

  • tenderloin2
  • tenderloin1

Beef Tenderloin
Item Code: BEE1110
Pack Size: 6/4.5# AVG
Tenderloin can be cut into Filet Mignon steaks or roast whole as Chateaubriand. The most common steak sold in fine dining restaurants.

  • striploin2
  • striploin1

Beef Striploin, 0x1
Item Code: BEE1100
Pack Size: 2/10# AVG
A Striploin cut into steaks are often called NY Steaks. Also called Delmonico Steaks. This is a steak eaters steak.

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BEE1121  Grass Fed Beef Ribeye Roll (3/8 lbs avg.)
BEE1100  Grass Fed Beef Striploin (2/11 lbs avg.)
BEE1110  Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin (6/4.5 lbs avg.)
BEE1130  Grass Fed Outside Skirt (16/1.6 lbs avg.)
BEE1122  Grass Fed Bone-In Ribeye Roast (Export Rib) (3/12 lbs avg.)
BEE1150  Grass Fed Chuck Roll (2/15 lbs avg.)
BEE1123  Grass Fed Tomahawk Steaks (4/7 lbs avg.)
BEE1160  Robbins Island Wagyu Tri Tip MB6-9 3/4pc (2.25 lbs avg.)
BEE1131 Grass Fed Flap Meat (12/2.5 lbs avg.)
BEE1161  Grass Fed Tri-Tip (12/2.2 lbs avg.)
BEE1102  Grass Fed Beef Strip Loin MBG3+ (3/10 lbs avg. )
BEE1134  Grass Fed Beef Flat Iron Whl Denuded (12/2.5lbs avg.)
BEE1105  Grass Fed Fed NY Strip CC 0x1 12oz (10/12oz.)
BEE1106  Grass Fed NY Strip CC 0x1 14oz (8/14oz.)
BEE1126  Grass Fed Ribeye CC 12oz (8/12oz.)
BEE1129  Grass Fed Ribeye CC 14oz (8/14oz.)
BEE1127  Grass Fed BI Ribeye Frenched 16-20oz (6/16-20oz)
BEE1128  Grass Fed BI Ribeye Frenched 20-24oz (6/20-24oz)
BEE1112  Grass Fed Tenderloin Filet 6oz (20/6oz)
BEE1113  Grass Fed Tenderloin Filet 8oz (18/8oz)
BEE1190  Grass Fed Ground Beef Bulk 80/20 (12/1lbs)
BEE1193  Grass Fed Ground Gourmet Burger Blend (12/1lbs)