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RSVP Funds Fishery’s Sustainability Improvements

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Photo credit: ©Diego Perez/El Through our Responsible Sourcing Vendor Partner program (RSVP), Santa Monica Seafood has supported sustainability improvements in fisheries worldwide. The Peruvian Mahi Mahi fishery is considered one of the most important artisanal fisheries in Peru, providing a livelihood for over 4,000 fishermen. Peru is the largest producer of Mahi Mahi worldwide, with the US being the …


Santa Monica Seafood Completes Acquisition of American Fish

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July 4th, Independence Day, took on a whole new meaning for approximately 150 individuals who became new employees of Santa Monica Seafood on that date.  Santa Monica Seafood completed its acquisition of certain assets comprising the seafood division of Prospect Enterprises Inc.  This included groups doing business as American Fish & Seafood in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Phoenix, Chesapeake Fish …

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Get Ready for a Spicy New Year

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Every year (for the last 15) the Culinary Experts at McCormick put together a list identifying top trends, insights and ingredients driving the future of flavor. Here are some of their insightful predictions for what we’ll be seeing on menus come 2015. Sour Salt, anyone? According to McCormicks, “combining coarse salt with surprising sours like pickled ginger, sour cherry, dried …


Sea Pact Announces New Grant Recipients

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As a founding member of Sea Pact, we’re excited to announce the recipients of our third round of grants! The Fall 2014 grant recipients are the University of North Texas (UNT), for a research project utilizing probiotics as an alternative to antibiotics for improving growth and survival in marine finfish aquaculture, and WWF Chile’s Aquaculture Improvement Project to transition the Chilean …


FDA Conducts DNA Testing on Commonly Mislabeled Fish

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We’ve been keeping a balanced conversation about seafood fraud alive here on the Blog, and recently worked to stop the State of California from implementing new seafood labeling laws – not because we don’t think seafood fraud is a problem, but because we think it’s a problem best handled by implementing laws that already exist. However, all the negative press about …


News from the WWF Peruvian Mahi Mahi FIP

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We just received some detailed updates from the WWF Peruvian Mahi Fishery Improvement Project (FIP), one of our RSVP funding recipients. Here’s a summary of some of the great progress they’ve made recently: Signing of Addendum No. 01 to IMARPE Convention with WWF In July, Addendum No.01 to the Specific Agreement on Technical Cooperation was signed between WWF and the Instituto del Mar del Peru (IMARPE) with the aim of transferring funds to develop activities that strengthen biological information gathering with an emphasis on the …


Governor Vetoes CA Senate Bill 1138

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We just received a copy of the California Governor’s official Veto of SB1138.  As you might recall we’ve been working for this veto – so we’re glad to know that the Governor agreed with us that although we need to continue to fight seafood fraud, this isn’t the best approach. Here’s the Governor’s letter: To Members of the California State …

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Tell the Gov to Veto CA Senate Bill 1138!

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On August 29, the California legislature passed a bill that would add a significant new burden on restaurants serving seafood. This bill will have a significant impact on you and your waitstaff, and we encourage you to STAND UP and fight for your right to serve seafood in the state of California! Here’s a little bit of background: Senate bill …


Great News for Local Fish & Fishermen

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Some Very good news from the hard working team at Seafood Watch has been buzzing in the news all week!  They recently announced that all groundfish caught in California, Oregon and Washington are either now ranked a Seafood Watch “Good Alternative” or “Best Choice”. This reflects a continuing pattern of improvement for U.S.-managed fisheries. Factors contributing to fishery improvements and …