Fresh Fish and Veggies, Anyone?

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We’re excited to introduce you to our newest RSVP Program funding recipient – The Ecology Center! The Ecology Center is a one-acre nonprofit hands-on educational center based in nearby San Juan Capistrano, CA, and they are about to install an sample backyard aquaponics system demonstrating the potential for small-scale backyard aquaculture, sustainable seafood, and organic vegetable production. We’re honored to …


The Question – How Wild is “Wild”?

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Most of us probably agree that the wild salmon fisheries of the Pacific Northwest are well managed and sustainable. However, Alaska, Canada, Oregon and Washington all release Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) into the wild as part of their management programs (Japan and Russia are also in the hatchery salmon game) and questions about these “hatchery fish” are growing. What are …


Sea Pact Announces New Grant Recipients

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As a founding member of Sea Pact, we’re excited to announce the recipients of our third round of grants! The Fall 2014 grant recipients are the University of North Texas (UNT), for a research project utilizing probiotics as an alternative to antibiotics for improving growth and survival in marine finfish aquaculture, and WWF Chile’s Aquaculture Improvement Project to transition the Chilean …


News from the WWF Peruvian Mahi Mahi FIP

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We just received some detailed updates from the WWF Peruvian Mahi Fishery Improvement Project (FIP), one of our RSVP funding recipients. Here’s a summary of some of the great progress they’ve made recently: Signing of Addendum No. 01 to IMARPE Convention with WWF In July, Addendum No.01 to the Specific Agreement on Technical Cooperation was signed between WWF and the Instituto del Mar del Peru (IMARPE) with the aim of transferring funds to develop activities that strengthen biological information gathering with an emphasis on the …


Great News for Local Fish & Fishermen

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Some Very good news from the hard working team at Seafood Watch has been buzzing in the news all week!  They recently announced that all groundfish caught in California, Oregon and Washington are either now ranked a Seafood Watch “Good Alternative” or “Best Choice”. This reflects a continuing pattern of improvement for U.S.-managed fisheries. Factors contributing to fishery improvements and …


Help Improve NOAA’s FishWatch.Gov

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We use NOAA Fisheries website as a source for all kinds of information about the seafood industry; how stocks are managed, scientific data and more. The website is one of our first stops when we’re looking for details about the domestically harvested or farmed fish and shellfish that we sell, and it’s also a great source of news and …


Summer Update from our RSVP Program

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It’s summertime, and our Responsible Sourcing Vendor Partner program grantees have been busy! Here are some updates from a few of our local California and Baja California projects! You can read more about each project on the RSVP webpage. Fathom Consulting’s pelagic trawl gear improvement project is gearing up for the September field season where they expect to test the …


How Green is your Restaurant?

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As an ISO 14001 Certified company we show our commitment to the environment in a variety of ways. ISO 14001 recognizes that standards throughout our entire operation help continually reduce our environmental impact. Although responsible sourcing is a key component of our approach, our commitment extends to all our departments. We focus on a variety of approaches – we’re always …