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Weekly Market Report

Wednesday  |  February 21st, 2018

Now that Lent and the Year of the Dog are underway, it is a perfect time to check in with your Santa Monica Seafood rep to make sure your customers’ needs are covered.

Here is what else you need to know:


Mexican Grouper (Baquetta) is flaky, flavorful, and a top choice for specials this week.

California White Bass has been a pleasant surprise on the docks in Ventura this week.

Local Opah catches have been strong for the last couple of weeks. With Mexican Yellowtail unavailable, it could be worth considering Opah as a substitute.

Morro Bay Sablefish is available but limited. We also have product of Oregon in house.

Mexican Flukes (Halibut) availability is good for this week and we are seeing some lower prices in anticipation of the Pacific Halibut season opening in a few weeks.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawns and Uni Roe can add a dash of exotic and a touch of local flavor to any menu.


Texas Redfish is visually striking and mild flavored and can wow guests as a special. It is not a snapper, but works in many of the same dishes/preparations.

2-lb/up Whole Cooked Dungeness Crabs from Oregon are looking good for this week.

Petrale Sole Fillet is extremely limited but we do expect product in for the weekend.

If you want Farmed Sturgeon for this week, get in touch with your rep ASAP!

Mardi Gras has passed, but American Red Snapper is always in demand with fans of Bayou cooking.


Fresh Chilean Seabass is always popular with white tablecloth diners. If you want an even more delicate experience we also have some Chilean Seabass Cheeks in house.

Costa Rican Rose Snappers are in stock and should be available through the week.

Corvina Sea Bass is available if you are looking for another option on Bass.

Fijian Opah and Ono (Wahoo) are unavailable but CA Opah is plentiful.


Great Lakes Whitefish is limited but we should be OK on the large size.

Iceland Cod Loins are expected in for Friday’s deliveries.

Eastern Skate Wings are expected in for the weekend, but might be too late for some Friday deliveries.


National Clam Chowder Day is coming up on Sunday, let your rep know if you have any special menus planned for this cherished holiday.

Cloudy Bay Clams will not be available after New Zealand was hit by cyclones in each of the past two weeks.


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