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Weekly Market Report

Thursday |  September 13, 2018

This week finfish is looking good.  Some supply challenges with East Coast shellfish because of weather. Deep Set Buoy Gear sourced swordfish and local Opah are the stars of the show!

Here is what else you need to know:


Groundfish looks good, small amounts of Rockfish, Petrale and Dover.

Local Opah is fresh and delicious and we have plenty on hand.

Basses are tight.  Limited amount of Mexican Grouper available.

Corvina coming in for weekend sales

Deep Set Buoy Gear Swordfish is available.  This sustainably sourced fish is a consumer favorite!


Sockeye salmon is not available.

Coho looks good. Season is wrapping up …get this delicious wild item while you can!

Fresh Pacific and larger Mexican Halibut fillets are plentiful this week.

Farmed King Salmon is on hand!  Running a little small but makes an excellent addition to your menu.


Swordfish is bountiful and on special.

Fresh Chilean Seabass is available and on special!!

Mahi Mahi is looking good.

Yellowtail is tight.

All tunas plentiful.


Monkfish tails are out; more in for Saturday

Wild Isles was tight, more in for Friday sales.  Plenty of other Scottish on hand.


Scallops are plentiful and popular during the Fall!

Small Grassy Bar. Kumiai and Crystal Points oysters are fresh.  Small amount of Fat Baby oysters, as well.

Clams and East Coast orders will be negatively impacted by the weather.

Manila Clams tight, some coming in for the weekend.

Not bringing in Venus Clams because of quality issues.  Will resume sourcing when weather cools off.

New Zealand Greenlips in inventory.

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