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Weekly Market Report

Wednesday  |  September 20th, 2017

Shanah Tovah! Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year begins at sundown so it’s time to get loud! The Biblical name for the day is Yom Teruah, “day of shouting.”

On a less celebratory note we turn our thoughts to those affected by the recent hurricanes and the Atencingo earthquake. These natural disasters will make a continuing impact on seafood in those areas in the coming weeks.

Here is what else you need to know:


With the start of the Mexican Shrimp season many boats are switching gear for the more lucrative shrimp hauls, which is causing product shortages and price increases on White Bass and Halibut which are not available for the rest of this week.

We are bringing in as much Mexican Grouper (Baquetta) as we can to cover shortages, but prices are skyrocketing.

Late season California Troll King Salmon has been a pleasant surprise this year.

Deep Set Buoy Gear Swordfish is a great locally caught, environmentally conscious menu addition that can get your customers thinking differently about their meal.

Morro Bay Sablefish is looking good for this week.

Yellowtail from Mexico is a fantastic budget-friendly menu option with lots of utility.


Gill Net King Salmon out of Washington and Silver Salmon from all over the Pacific Northwest are always a draw for customers seeking wild and flavorful fish.

Ling Cod is going to be out for tomorrow but will be here for Friday’s sales.

Washington Sturgeon makes a splashy high-end special for the weekend.


Check in with your rep on our Premium Hawaiian fish: Tombo, Lehi and Onaga are looking particularly good this week.

Corvina is extremely limited for tomorrow but we do have plenty of fish coming in for Friday. Like the Mexican Grouper, though, prices are up.

Cobia supplies are being heavily impacted by the weather. Fishing is fine but since the product ships into and out of Florida there isn’t much available right now.

Barramundi is a strong back up option for Bass if you can make the menu adjustment.

Is Kampachi on the menu for the first weekend of fall? We’ve got some great new options if you’re looking for an exciting, versatile and attractive new fish item.


Eastern Halibut is a good sub for local Halibut, though the price is a little higher. It also works as a lower-cost sub for closely related Turbot (which is also available!)

Iceland Cod will be in today.


Fanny Bay Oysters are still limited for this weekend but some more areas will open up for next week.

Grassy Bar and Kumiai Oysters should be here for Friday’s sales.

Weather will continue to impact Littleneck Clams out of Florida. Until those issues clear up we will continue to bring in extra Manila and Venus Clams.

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