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Weekly Market Report

Thursday |  August 9, 2018

Our inventory looks good. We have some nice local product making a “splash” for the weekend!

Here is what else you need to know:


Morro Bay Sablefish is plentiful for the weekend and the fish are looking great!

Groundfish are tight, small amounts of Rockfish, Petrale and Dover.  We may see some Black Gill coming in for the weekend

Small shot of local Thresher Shark coming in.

Whitefish is looking great.

Mexican White Seabass looks good, as well as Mexican Grouper.


Sockeye salmon is available.  Coho catches have been very weak.  Not seeing much of this seasonal product yet.

Fresh Pacific Halibut inventory is looking very good this week with larger Mexican Halibut fillets a little tight.

Plenty of fresh catfish on hand.

Ling Cod available for weekend sales.


Swordfish is bountiful and on special.

Mahi Mahi is looking good, and we have a great refreshed program!  Try this beautiful option.

Good amount of yellowtail on hand.

All tunas plentiful, small amount of Big Eye in.

Some Australian Opakapaka coming in.


Monkfish tails are fresh and abundant

John Dory is very tight.

Icelandic cod should be available early next week now that national holiday has past.

Scottish Salmon a bit tight, but some product coming in for weekend.  Plenty of Norwegian product in inventory.


All scallops on hand and make a great additional to your late summer menu!

Grassy Bar, Kusshi and Kumia oysters are fresh.  Small amount of Coromandel, as well.

Cockles are out because of heavy rains.

Manila Clams tight, some coming in for the weekend.  Frozen are available and make an excellent option!

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