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Ethos Seafood Group


Products packed in Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) are sealed in an oxygen permeable film which allows for quick, deep chilling of the seafood.  The skintight package creates close contact between product and tray and serves as an excellent “second skin” giving the seafood a natural look by showing off the products natural shape, color and texture.


A Better Way to Buy Seafood . . .

Restaurant Quality and Affordability

Wouldn’t it be nice if the average consumer could walk into a retail grocery store and buy the same quality seafood served at white tablecloth restaurants for a reasonable price?

Starting with the very best raw material, Ethos carefully selects seafood from certified sources around the world which is then prepared to the highest international standards in our state-of-the-art facility in Rancho Dominguez, CA.

Freshness and Ease of Preparation

And, wouldn’t it be even better if the seafood were packaged in a consumer-friendly way to ensure freshness and ease of preparation?

Ethos Seafood makes selecting and preparing fresh seafood simple and worry-free.  Ethos daily delivers fresh cut, pre-packed seafood products to retail locations throughout California and the southwestern U.S.  Products range from simple portion packed fish to value-added seafood dishes which are ready-to-cook.