the pre-packed advantage

The Pre-Packed Advantage

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Ideal portion sizes, no waste

Maintains freshness

Easy to handle

Easy to store (and freeze when needed)

Clear labeling and traceability

How to cook and recipe ideas

Our seafood is packed in the latest technology clear packaging to ensure freshness, no waste and ease of preparation.

Often folk do not have a clear idea how to cook seafood or what best recipe to use – Ethos ensures that our fabulous fresh fish is trimmed to avoid waste and has clear, easy-to-follow cooking instructions and recipe ideas.

We believe that just as seafood is good for you, it should also be convenient to purchase, easy to store and simple to prepare and cook!

Not only are our pre-pack products better for customers, they are more efficient, less wasteful and drive sales for retailers.

aldi skin pack shelf (31)Better use of shelf space – packs can standup

Reduced product shrink

Improved product life giving time to sell & replenish

Accurate product and species traceability & labeling

Enhanced customer communication of key messages

Ability to offer simple added-value options