sms truck

Our Fleet / Service Area

Our Refrigerated Trucks Delivers Six Days a Week to California, Las Vegas, Nevada and the Phoenix, Arizona Region

With a delivery area which spans most of California, Nevada and Arizona, we have structured a fleet and distribution operation to ensure that the product delivered is as fresh when it arrives at our customer’s door as it was when it left our processing facility. Our fleet of trucks are designed to maintain optimal temperatures and use the latest technology to control and monitor the entire delivery process from both a safety and quality perspective:

Every truck is refrigerated and utilizes a monitoring system to control inside temperature and to report any temperature variances or equipment malfunctions.

Our Logistics department utilizes a Satellite Vehicle Monitoring System to provide real time vehicle locations as well as travel history (speed violations, excessive idling, etc.), time at delivery locations, and location alerts (entering and exiting selected areas and regions).

Our Logistics department also utilizes Routing Software which provides optimization of routes and dynamic routing to generate revised routes based on a variety of parameters.

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