San Diego Chesapeake Fish

Chesapeake was founded by John Nicholas Vitalich, a Croatian fisherman who grew up in the village of Comisa on the Island of Vic, where he worked sardine boats on the Adriatic Sea. He came to San Diego in 1909 and bought the Coronado Fish Co. six years later. He changed the company’s name, partially to reflect a major part of its business at the time – selling oysters from Chesapeake Bay. The idea was to have facilities as close to arriving fishing boats as possible to insure freshness and quality. The company was managed during the 1930’s by John Vitalich’s son, Nick Sr., who’s brother John took over after World War II. Nick Jr. took up the reins in 1970.

Today it is a common sight to see boats pull up and unload their fresh catch, while on the backside local restauranteurs pick up their order. Chesapeake Fish Co. handles millions of pounds of fish each year. Their San Diego facility is a dockside location that houses a modern processing facility, and a fleet of modern refrigerated trucks. Chesapeake Fish Co. is a great source for fresh and frozen seafood, shellfish, and exotic fish, offering premium quality seafood at a great wholesale price.