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Weekly Market Report | April 25th, 2018

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It’s time to start planning your Mother’s Day Menu if you haven’t already got it nailed down. Let your rep know today if you have any special requests for the biggest restaurant day of the year.

Here is what else you need to know:


Mt. Lassen Steelhead will call to any diners seeking a great local, environmentally friendly and tasty option.

Yellowtail fishing, and all fishing in Mexico, has improved tremendously and we will have plenty of high quality product in house throughout the rest of the week.

Other Mexican fish with improving but still limited supplies include: White Bass, Grouper (Baquetta), Flukes (Halibut) and Robalo (Snook / Golden Corvina.)

California Halibut is here and it is spectacular! Great for sushi or crudo presentations.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawn availability is looking good for the rest of the week.

California Sablefish, from Oceanside and Morro Bay, is in house now.

Local Opah is back in stock and should be no problem for the foreseeable future.

Grenadiers should make it in for the weekend if you need one more local option.


Fresh Oregon Bay Shrimp have finally started shipping and we have product in house.

Petrale Sole and Rockfish are limited for tomorrow with more due in for Friday.


Hawaiian Bigeye will absolutely wow your guests this week! We are bringing in head on fish and they are beautiful. Get it while it lasts!

If you need another island option we also have some Hawaiian Opaka in stock.

Mahi might be limited tomorrow and Friday but we should have enough to get through the weekend.

New Zealand Bluenose is another attractive Bass option for this week. Let your rep know now if it is something you might want to add to your menu.


Lobster catches have been poor, especially on smaller sizes, but weather is improving and prices could start to drop as soon as supply matches demand.

Meagre from Greece is a great menu special or will sub for Bass in almost any recipe.

Great Lakes Whitefish is due for the weekend but might be late for Friday deliveries.


Closures have expanded in British Columbia, leading to shortages for Oysters from other areas as supply lines tighten. We are bringing in as much Kumiai, Capital and Eastern Oysters as we can to cover but this weekend might be a little rough.

Grassy Bar Oysters are due in tonight. We are grabbing everything we can but availability is somewhat limited.

Soft Shell Crab catches are minimal and suppliers aren’t even making shipments. We don’t expect any in this week.

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