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Weekly Market Report | August 16th, 2017

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For those who are not too busy celebrating National Bacon Lover’s Day this Sunday it’s going to be another great weekend for seafood. Mt. Lassen Steelhead from California, Ecuadorian Corvina Bass and Premium Hawaiian Fish like Ahi, Bigeye and Opakapaka offer great flavor and eye-catching names for your menu.

Here is what else you need to know:


California Halibut and Sablefish are both somewhat limited though we are expecting shipments of both this weekend.

Mexican Halibut is looking like a great value with plenty of fish available.

Mexican Grouper (Baquetta) and White Bass are slightly limited but we do have plenty of the afore-mentioned Corvina Bass to cover your needs.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawn catches are poor so we don’t expect any product this week.


Ask you SMS Rep about the Wild White King Salmon we have on hand.

If you want to feature wild salmon but want a more budget-friendly option consider Silver (Coho) Salmon. We are getting product from Alaska and British Columbia.

Oregon Sablefish is expected in today to make up for limited California stocks.

Dungeness Crab Meat, Rockfish and Petrale Sole should be in good supply for the weekend.


Corvina Bass is on special and is a best bet for flakey white bass this weekend. This versatile, flavorful fish can fill any number of menu needs.

The roller coaster ride continues with Mahi availability looking very tight for the weekend.

Swordfish is looking great this week with product coming from the South Pacific.

Opah is also plentiful right now and could work for a lot of the same applications as Mahi while offering a unique visual on the plate.


Wild Black Bass is in stock for tomorrow. This delicate white fleshed fish is a very sought after option for discerning diners.

Meagre and Turbot are due in for the weekend.


Our deliveries of Venus and Manila Clams were a little late, but we do have both available for tomorrow. Remember we are bringing in extra Littleneck Pasta Clams to cover for summer shortages.

Fanny Bay Oysters are due in tonight but will still be limited.

Grassy Bar oysters are not going to be available this week.

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