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Weekly Market Report | December 13, 2017

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Please note that Santa Monica Seafood will be CLOSED on Monday, December 25th for Christmas and on Monday, January 1st for New Year’s Day.

Wednesday  |  December 13th, 2017

Farmed Atlantic Salmon supplies are going to be very short for this weekend with the market taking a turn for the worse on availability and pricing. Please contact your sales rep to figure out what option will work the best for your menu.

Here is what else you need to know:


Winter officially begins next week but we’ve got shipment of California Sea Bass to make it feel like Summer. Mexican Grouper is also a nice option for this week.

Local Opah fishing continues to bring in large amounts of this beautiful, unique fish.

Local/Mexican Flukes (Halibut) continue to be unavailable this week.

Local Swordfish supplies have dipped slightly but we should have plenty of product to get through the week, including a large shipment of DSBG product due in Friday.

Farmed Baja Striped Bass supplies are tight. We are bringing in a small amount of larger than usual fish to supplement our inventory.

California Whole Cooked Dungeness Crabs are a delicious seasonal option.

Morro Bay Sablefish is expected in for Friday’s sales but may not make it in time for all routes. In the meantime, we do have plenty of Oregon Sablefish.


Oregon Petrale Sole is spectacular value right now, with plenty of fish available.

Ling Cod is one of the most versatile, popular fish in the world. Supplies are strong for the rest of the week.

Washington Charr shipments are delayed. We have product due in tonight but it will probably be too late for some routes.

American Red Snapper is due in tomorrow. Should be OK for the weekend.


We have Premium Hawaiian Opakapaka and Onaga in house right now. Let your rep know ASAP if you are interested as these will go fast!

Panama Cobia is expected in for Friday’s sales but may miss some routes.


Norwegian Halibut fishermen are still dealing with rough weather but we’ve got fish in house with more due in for the weekend. Could make a nice sub for Local Halibut.

Whitefish shipments came in too late for today’s deliveries but product is in house.

Spanish Turbot is due in for Friday’s deliveries.


Nantucket Bay Scallops are one of the great seafood delicacies in the world. We have a shipment coming in for Friday and also have some frozen Martha’s Vineyard Scallops.

Florida Stone Crab supplies are still tight. We have fresh Medium Claws (6/8 count) due in for the weekend. We do have frozen claws available.

Kumiai Oysters are in stock for this week but will be unavailable starting next week.

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