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Weekly Market Report | January 10th, 2018

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The weather continues to be a drag on inventories but your sales rep is there to help navigate those choppy waters wherever your trouble spots may be.

Here is what else you need to know:


Swordfish stocks are still in great shape but local fishing will close on January 31st.

Mexican Grouper (Baquetta) offers flaky, white flesh that can be used in a variety of dishes. It is one of the safest bets for this week if you need a menu special.

Mt. Lassen Steelhead is a California classic and another safe bet for this week.

Mexican Yellowtail is still somewhat limited but we are expecting product tomorrow.

Baja Striped Bass is going to be short for this weekend but we do have some 3.3-5.5# fish in house.

Local Opah and Morro Bay Sablefish look to be unavailable for the rest of the week.


Weather is severely impacting much of the Pacific Northwest but we have plenty of Groundfish (Rockfish, Petrale and Dover Sole) available to save your menu.

Ling Cod is not available this week but Iceland Cod will be here for Friday’s deliveries.

Char is limited for tomorrow but will be OK for the weekend.


It’s not all dreary news – Mahi, Albacore, Ahi and Escolar all look like great choices for the weekend.

Ono is limited but we do have product due in tomorrow.

John Dory fishing is starting to pick up a little after the holidays.


Great Lakes Whitefish shipments are delayed but fish is expected for Friday’s sales.

Weather delays will keep Norwegian Halibut off the menu for this weekend.

Monkfish fishing has somehow avoided the storms. Product is in house now.


Grassy Bar Oysters are in house now but expect rains to close down the areas where they are raised. Get them while you can!

East Coast wild-caught Clams are not going to be available this week. Talk to your rep about substitution options.

New Zealand Mussels will be unavailable for at least another week.

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