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Weekly Market Report | July 19th, 2017

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We appreciate our parents all year long but if you’re looking for a special occasion, Parents’ Day is this Sunday. What better way to celebrate the ones who raised you than with a nice summer seafood feast?

Here is what else you need to know:


California White Bass season is showing signs of winding down with lowered catches and higher prices on product coming in this week.

Mexican White Bass and Grouper (Baquetta) are both limited for the weekend.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawns are unavailable for tomorrow but we hope to see some before the weekend. Hopefully for Friday’s deliveries.

If you need something new and interesting for your weekend specials we’ve got some California Sturgeon in house now.

Looking for some local color? California Opah, Mt. Lassen Steelhead and Uni Roe from the Central Coast are all looking good for the weekend.


Oregon Sablefish is in house now and we will have California product for the weekend.

We have plenty of Red Troll Kings in stock and a small amount of White Kings from Queen Charlotte Island available for tomorrow.

We are still getting plenty of Sockeye Salmon from the Kenai Peninsula. We should start to see Cohos become available over the next several weeks.


Mahi supplies are extremely limited. We have a very small shipment due in tonight but it will not make it in time for most areas. No word on weekend deliveries yet.

Ono (Wahoo) is also tight. Yellowtail and Opah are both readily available as a fresh substitute.

We’ve got Corvina Bass coming in for Saturday’s sales to make up for other shortages on Bass. Corvina is always an easy sub for White Bass in particular.

Premium Hawaiian Ono, Bigeye and Ahi Tuna are all in house.


American Red Snapper from Louisiana is a classic flavor all its own but if you’re feeling adventurous it can also fill in for Bass applications if you do a daily menu.

Meagre from Greece is another option to fill in for Bass.


Fanny Bay Oysters are going to be short for the next little while. Product of British Columbia will be out until September and other areas are producing less during warm summer months.

Grassy Bar Oysters are due in tonight (not for all routes) and seem to be in good shape for now.

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