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Weekly Market Report | June 20th, 2018

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Summer is upon us – Thursday, June 21st is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Overall inventories are looking great with seasonal favorites ready to shine on the plate.

Here is what else you need to know:


California White Seabass season is open and we’ll have plenty in house all week.

Mexican Flukes (Halibut) are a great choice this week with Pacific Halibut stocks limited due to weather and salmon fishing.

California Halibut is another tasty option that can work on local and sushi menus.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawns are expected for Friday but we are awaiting confirmation.

Local Petrale Sole is in house but limited. Hopefully we’ll get more for Saturday.

Morro Bay Sablefish are looking good right now but be aware that fish are mostly on the smaller side.

Local Opah is sold out for tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll see more later in the week.


Wild King Salmon availability is great this week with plenty of reds from Vancouver Island and a small amount of White (Ivory) Kings in house right now.

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fishing is still going though Copper River fishing has dried up.

Petrale Sole from the Northwest is extremely limited, with small amounts expected in for Friday. Dover Sole is also limited.

Farmed Canadian King Salmon is limited to unavailable for the rest of the week.


Redfish is a great way to get menu versatility and a splash of color onto your plates.

New Zealand King Salmon is readily available this week but no Ora Kings.

If you need some white fish options for specials this week, speak to your rep about New Zealand Bluenose and Fresh Chilean Seabass.

John Dory made it in this morning, just too late for today’s deliveries.

Australian Onaga is expected in for delivery to all routes on Saturday.


Meagre gives a touch of continental refinement to your menus.

Iceland Cod can help elevate your fish & chips for the summer.


Venus Clams are due in tonight. Remember these are sold in 5-lb bags for now.

Some great seasonal Oyster options that are available now or due in for the weekend include Coromandels, Grassy Bars and Sol Azuls.

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