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Weekly Market Report | June 21st, 2017

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Summer is officially here today and that means it’s grilling season. Talk to your Santa Monica Seafood rep today about Cape Grim Premium Beef, we are carrying a full line of different cuts that you and your customers can get excited about.

Here is what else you need to know:


The California White Bass season has been amazing so far. We are currently getting most of our fish from around the Channel Islands off the Ventura coast.

California King Salmon is still going strong and we should see good supplies until the season closes at the end of the month.

We have some locally hook & line-caught, high grade Yellowtail in house that can really make your menu pop.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawns and Morro Bay Sablefish are still limited by high winds in their fishing areas but we will bring in Oregon Sablefish to cover your needs.


Copper River Salmon is effectively over after Monday’s opening was a dud. Other areas of Alaska, Canada and Washington are all producing Troll King Salmon and we are also bringing in Sockeyes from several rivers in Alaska.

Petrale Sole and Dover Sole might both be limited for the weekend. If need be we will bring in some more Eastern Sole to cover everybody.


Swordfish prices have actually gone down for the weekend and we are seeing plenty of fish on the market for this weekend.

Mahi supplies are very limited and may be out for the weekend. We are seeing offers on fish from Taiwan but this product may not make it until the start of next week.

Wahoo is limited for the week but Opah is plentiful from California and from Fiji if you are looking to add some Polynesian flair.

Day-Boat Caught, Premium Hawaiian Bigeye and Yellowfin give you the some of the best tuna in the world at a surprisingly reasonable cost.


Spanish Turbot is tight, but we will have fish in house for Friday’s deliveries.

Whitefish inventory is holding steady for now but keep an eye on the weather in the Great Lakes, as supplies are often impacted by hot weather.


Saltspring Island Mussels are back in stock and available for orders.

We are changing our Oyster rotation for the summer so check in with your sales rep to see what new types we are offering and which types will not be available during the hotter summer months.


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