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Weekly Market Report | May 24th, 2018

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Memorial Day is next Monday (the 28th) so it’s high time to fire up the grill and start finalizing summer menus if you haven’t done so.  Please note our office will be closed on Monday the 28th, so be sure to order enough product to get you through the long weekend!

Here is what else you need to know:


Mexican Grouper (Baquetta) is a great grilling fish that is readily available this week.

Mexican White Bass is also plentiful right now as we get into the summer months.

Local Petrale Sole is a fresh spin on a classic menu item that is in stock right now.

Local Opah fishing is still going strong with no sign of letting up.

Santa Barbara Spot Prawns are back in stock after a couple of tough weeks for fishing.

California Halibut and Mexican Flukes are both plentiful for the weekend. Good timing as product offerings from Alaska and Canada could be sparse.

Mt. Lassen Steelhead offers a high quality counterpoint to pricier Wild Salmons.

California Sablefish is limited for this week but we do have plenty of product from Oregon.

Mexican Yellowtail supplies are great for this week.


Copper River Salmon season is open and we are getting in product but please check with your rep before adding to the menu. Availability and pricing is still in flux for both Kings and Sockeyes. We also have Wild Kings out of Washington right now.

Washington Char is one solid option for a salmonid this week. Take advantage of great pricing and availability now.

Pacific Halibut is in house with more due in on Friday but product will be limited through the weekend.

American Red Snappers make an excellent menu special for your fish connoisseurs.


John Dory fishing has been good recently and we have plenty of fish for this week.

Premium Hawaiian Yellowfin (Ahi Tuna) is in house – let your rep know ASAP if you want some of this hot selling fish.

Ecuadorian Corvina will be unavailable for tomorrow but product should be here for all routes on Friday.

Albacore, Ono (Wahoo), Escolar, Mahi and Swordfish are all looking great for the week.


Whitefish supplies have remained limited even as we approach summer.

Monkfish is expected in time for tomorrow but might be too late for some routes.


Grassy Bar Oysters are in house with more coming for the weekend.

P.E.I. Mussels are expected in tonight in time for all routes.

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