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Weekly Market Report | November 15, 2017

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Wednesday  |  November 15th, 2017

Next Thursday, November 23rd, is Thanksgiving and Santa Monica Seafood will be closed in observance. We will be open normal business hours on Black Friday, November 24th, ready to fill all your holiday seafood needs!

Here is what else you need to know:


Deep Set Buoy Gear and Harpoon-caught Swordfish catches are slowing but Gill Net fishing is just getting underway. We have plenty of local fish for this week.

Local Opah is a festive color and an attractive menu option for Thanksgiving week.

Morro Bay Sablefish is in stock but most fish are running on the small side.

Local Halibut (from CA and Mexico) is a great sub for Pacific Halibut.

Mexican Grouper is looking good for the week, more than filling in for a lack of White Bass from Mexico and California.


Pacific Halibut season is over for 2017 and we have received our last shipment of fresh fish for the year. If you need alternatives for your menu please contact your sales rep.

Ling Cod will remain scarce for the rest of the week but we do have Iceland Cod Loins available as a sub.

Washington Steelhead and Char are limited this week which means it’s the perfect time to give California’s own Mt. Lassen Steelhead a chance to shine!


Give thanks for Mahi – one of the most versatile and popular species of fish and a great value right now while stocks are pulling from all over the world.

Premium Hawaiian fish for this weekend include Mahi, Opaka and Kalekale.

Bigeye Tuna from the Philippines is a culinary treat for your most discerning clientele. Use it the same way you would a #1 Yellowfin to let the flavor and texture shine.

Australian Onaga is a great option for something extra special this weekend.

Barramundi makes a great menu addition if you need a versatile white fish.

Kampachi loins with the skin on, collar off are due in for Saturday’s sales.


Great Lakes Whitefish is extremely scarce-to-not available due to closures.

Greek Meagre is an exciting option for any recipe that calls for white, flaky fish.


Martha’s Vineyard Bay Scallops are available now in 4-lb tubs. These extremely sweet scallops are a seasonal favorite when their natural flavor is featured.

Florida Stone Crab catches are scarce and we are not expecting any deliveries of fresh claws this week. We do have some frozen inventory in house.

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